5 Tips from a Fedora Distributor- Express Yourself!

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    If you are searching for a new line of headwear to expand the style and comfort offered in your store, chances are, you are already considering one or more variations of fedoras.  However, as with any form of headwear, the quality and fashionable relevance of which ones you select lies with which distributor you ultimately end up choosing.  At Access Headwear, we offer a wide variety of classic fedoras, so that you can be sure to find exactly the style you are looking for.  We offer only the best headwear, in terms of fashion, functionality, and durability.  All too often do headwear distributors provide low-quality, and even outdated products.  These companies are usually fairly easy to point out.  However, these 5 tips, provided by Access Headwear, will help you find the headwear distributor that is right for you!  As one of today’s top fedora wholesale distributors, we are dedicated to helping you find the headwear that helps you express yourself!   

  1. Balance Functionality & Fashion

    Of course, fashion is probably one of your biggest, if not your main, concerns while searching for new headwear.  A fedora, for instance, can serve as both a vintage classic throwback or a modern touch of edge.  However, know that you should never have to sacrifice functionality for style.  Any quality fedora should provide you with at least a little bit of protection from the sun.  Chances are, if it doesn’t, it probably isn’t the most stylish piece of headwear to begin with.  Conversely, we all know that some headwear can be extremely functional and also not fashionable at all.  At Access Headwear, fashion and functionality come hand-in-hand.  Our fedoras provide protection from the sun and also allow for you to show your own personal style.  

  1. Look for Durabilitydurable fedoras

    Once you have acquired your new favorite piece of headwear, you’re probably going to want it to last for as long as possible.  You really shouldn’t have to go through the tedious process of finding the perfect headwear again for quite some time.  However, this is unfortunately rarely the case.  Even if a new hat seems to be perfect in every way, it is still possible that it was poorly constructed.  Depending on the material it’s made out of, fibers may start unraveling, it might not hold up well in the rain, or colors may even start to fade.  These are only a few signs of a poorly manufactured piece of headwear.  At Access Headwear, we guarantee that all of our trilbys and fedoras are held to the highest standards during construction, so that they will last as long as possible.  Our mission is to bring innovation, detail, comfortability, and style to every hat that we design.   

  1. Any Good Fedora Distributor Should Have Variety

    It’s quite easy for a headwear company to have one quality, popular model of a hat, and to then have a lot of products that are subpar and thus, don’t really sell.  At Access Headwear, our entire catalog is full of high quality, durable, and stylish hats.  We have a vast selection of fedoras, featuring both modern and vintage throwback styles.  From our Andre classic fedora to our wide variety of colored trilbys, we have fashionable, functional, and durable headwear for everyone!  

When deciding which hat is right for you, there are a few factors you should consider:  the color of the hat, the shape and size of the brim, and the material the hat is made of.  First of all, you want to make sure that the brim is large enough to provide you with at least a little bit of protection from the sun.  The color of the hat can determine how cool it keeps you while you’re wearing it.  Lastly, the material and overall fit of the hat can tell you not only about how long it might last, but also how it can affect you.  If a hat made of particularly rough material fits too tightly, it can decrease blood circulation to your head and result in the thinning of your hair.  

  1. Look for Real Wholesale Prices

    Many headwear distributors advertise that they sell hats for wholesale prices, but when you get to their websites to make your purchase, you might often find that they really don’t offer deals that are much better than you can find in any other store.  However, at Access Headwear, we always guarantee true wholesale prices.  Fedoras may be purchased on our website by the dozen.  As a wholesale distributor of top quality fedoras, we are dedicated to providing the best products at the most reasonable and affordable prices.  If you are looking for real wholesale pricing on larger quantities of hats, feel free to visit our website to check out our catalog!   

  1. Find a Reputable Headwear Distributor

    It isn’t a difficult task to find any ordinary headwear distributor.  Chances are, you can even find some  fedoras in your local mall.  However, how stylish are they?  Do they give off a sharp, well-groomed look, or do they look like obvious knock-offs of a much nicer brand?  They might not even be well-constructed or durable.  Perhaps most importantly, is it possible that they are overcharging, especially if the products won’t last?  With Access Headwear, you won’t have to worry about any of these things.  Our reputation is built on our high-quality, affordable headwear.  We are proud to supply the best trilby and classic fedoras we possibly can, at true wholesale prices.  To check out our wide selection of fedoras and to order them by the dozen, visit us at AccessHeadwear.com!     

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