Drifter Cowboy Hats- Headwear with a Purpose!

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When shopping for cowboy hats, one will quickly realize that there a ton of options when it comes to choosing a distributor.  Many companies offer subpar products for extraordinarily low prices.  Conversely, perhaps even more companies overcharge for hats that usually aren’t worth their high prices.  At  Access Headwear, we can offer the best of both worlds: high-quality drifter cowboy hats at affordable wholesale prices.  We know that it is important to find something that is not only stylish, but also serves a purpose, such as protecting you from the sun.  On the other hand, however, you don’t want to end up with a hat that does serve a protective function, but isn’t the least bit  stylish.  Our wide selection of drifter cowboy hats fulfill both of these requirements equally and successfully.  Whether you are looking for a vintage, rugged drifter cowboy hat, a more contemporary one embellished with modern design, or anything in between, Access Headwear is the wholesale headwear distributor you can trust!  We even carry reputable brand name hats, such as Old Stone! Below are some things to consider when searching for wholesale cowboy hats:

  • Brim Size


    As discussed extensively above, a hat’s brim size should be a fairly sizable determining factor when considering the purchase of any new hat.  If a brim is too small, it likely won’t provide you with enough shade to protect you from the sun.  A decent hat, especially if it’s a cowboy hat, should provide enough shade over your face and perhaps even your neck, to protect you from harmful UV rays.  Conversely, if a hat has an absurdly large brim, you run the risk of looking a bit ridiculous.    

  • Material

    The materials that a hat is made of can determine how effective it is in keeping your body cool in hot weather.  Originally, drifter cowboy hats were made out of woven straw, so that the head and hair could still breathe while it is being worn.  This ensures that your body temperature remains cool while the hat still functions to provide some shade.  If a hat is not made with some sort of breathable material, chances are that your head will feel hot and your body temperature will rise while you are in direct sunlight for an extended period of time.  Similarly, a hat that is too tight or made of a particularly rough material, it may constrict the blood flow to your head and result in some thinning of the hair.  It might be a bad idea then, to purchase a hat made out of denim.  

  • Drifter Cowboy Hats Can Look Modern or VintageDrifter cowboy hats can be either modern or vintage!

    Although drifter cowboy hats are generally assumed to provoke only classic sensibilities, they are also available in various modern options.  Their rugged looking features are usually associated with a vintage appearance, but that same ruggedness is retained in the more modernized versions.  For instance, our Amelia drifter cowboy hat is more of a traditional style, as the headband is made of beaded conch and turq    oise.  It has looks pretty rugged, with the edges of the brim having a sort of burnt effect.  This hat looks like it’s straight from the Outback, or maybe even the old Southwest.  On the other hand, our Baddy drifter style cowboy hat combines modern and classic style.  No matter what style you’re looking for, Access Headwear has a cowboy hat for you!   

  • Protection from the Elements

    As with any large-brimmed hat, drifter cowboy hats should serve a purpose rather than simply acting as a fashion accessory.  An effective large-brimmed hat should make a huge difference on a warm, sunny day, it terms of both your body temperature and the amount of your skin which is exposed to direct sunlight.  Cowboy hats should absolutely protect your face from the sun.  Direct UV rays can cause sunburns and even lead to much more serious damage, such as skin cancer, in more severe cases.  A proper and effective large-brimmed hat can do a lot to protect you from these dangers.  

The point is that, if any cowboy hat does not protect you from the sun, then it is ineffective and therefore presumably only does half of what it should (assuming that it is indeed a stylish accessory).  At Access Headwear, we guarantee that our drifter cowboy hats serve both of these needs.  Not only are all of our products contemporary embodiments of style, but they also serve to protect you from the sun when you need it most.  This is very much unlike the majority of our competitors.  Many other wholesale headwear distributors can supply either hats that are not stylish, or those that do not provide adequate protection from the sun.  In some cases, they provide hats which do neither.  However, at Access Headwear, our products provide the best of both worlds.      


    Access Headwear is the top online wholesale distributor of drifter cowboy hats. We take pride in the ways that our products can simultaneously provide a touch of various types of style and serve as a form of protection from the elements and particularly harmful UV rays.  Visit us at AccessHeadwear.com to check out our vast selection of top quality headwear!  


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